ATTN! UPDATE: The Freedom as we presume to know it is no more. It was replaced by survelance and lack of privacy. The art contest "What Is Freedom?" was canceled as reality and definitions have changed. Contact us with questions if there any. 

Results of the Int'l Art Contest WHAT MAKES ART ART (June 30, 2021)
And the Winners Are: 

!st Place & Out of Competition - Legend

2nd Place Winners (Shared)

3rd Place Winner

Stefan Eins (USA)

 The Devil's Existence, Computer Print, 23" x 18",

Vadim Kyrylyuk & Natali Shvets (Ukraine)
(Left) Vadim Kyrylyuk, Ukrainian Harvest, Acrylic/Latex, 29" x 29", 2019 
(Right) Natali Shvets, Count The Minutes, Photography, 12 x 21, 2018

Antoinette Ellis-Williams (USA)
Antoinette Ellis-Williams, Window Seat on The Train I, Digitally Enhanced Photo, 2018 

Read more about the Winners of International Art Contest Online WHAT MAKES ART ART in the NeoPopRealism Journal: A book with the same name WHAT MAKES ART ART was published in October 2021. The book cover features the winners' work. 


The NeoPopRealism PRESS is an academic publisher that provides academics and individuals with knowledge and highly specialist art skills related to the NeoPopRealist art style. The NeoPopRealism Press is proud to publish and distribute the instructional books authored by the NeoPopRealism creator Nadia RUSS (, and more. You can purchase our books from all major online book sellers, from the international library/education resellers, and also from the NeoPopRealism Press. Contact us: neopoprealism@mail.comThere is no minimum or maxilum quantities, the discunts on the bulk (2+ copies) purchases would be applied. The international shipping is also available. The orders are processed within a few days. The expedited shipping is available.


                  NeoPopRealism PRESS  --  CATALOG                  



A Brilliant Cardiologist and This Crazy World

Author: Nadia Russ (


135 pages

ISBN: 978-1733867863 (black/white paperback edition) and Kindle

BISAC: Political Science/ Globalization/ Cultural Marxism 

Most of pages of this book are dedicated to the times we live in and so-called 4th Industrial Revolution with the Great Reset, the Klaus Schwab's project "You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy", Earth BioGenome (2018-2028) project, edible mRNA vaccine, EMF, Russia - Ukraine conflict, Putin, Zelensky, Arestovych, Anton LaVey with his Satanic philosophy, and more. However, the inspiration of this book was a brilliant cardiologist, whose life is so meaningful and important.. The copies available at Amazon US and Internationally. Paperback black.white edition: The hardcover edition (ISBN: 978-1733867856) available in color:



Challenging ChatGPT: AI Does Not Have Its Own Brains

Author/Editor: Nadia Russ (


104 pages

ISBN: 978-1733867870 (black/white paperback edition) and Kindle

BISAC: Political Science

 ChatGPT is fun, it is entertaining, but it is pre-programmed. There are the real humans behind it, who have their own political, social, and personal interests. The robots are trained what to say to not contradict their owners views. This book features 49 ChatGPT's poems. Most of them are humorous. They talk about the current situation in the world, about presidents (Biden, Trump, Putin), politicians and government, billionaires, religion, vaccine, Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, Pope Francis and Klaus Schwab, Jesus and Satan, about legalization of marijuana, about kratom and cocaine, the AI's creators/ trainers - Mustafa Suleyman and others, about the NWO and how we'd live in the near future (in 2030) according the WEF's plan - eating bugs in 15-minute cities, about 666 mark, more. This book also offers the quick analysis of the ChatGPT's poetry and shed the light on some "secrets" behind AI. Available as paperback and Kindle at Amazon US and worldwide:


WHAT MAKES ART ART: Artworks of the Contemporary Artists

Author: Nadia Russ (


69 pages

ISBN: 9781733867849 (black/white edition)

What Makes Art, Art? It is one of the most rhetorical questions that every person answering the way they want. And they cannot be criticized. In this book, we not only presented the best work of the contemporary artists participated in Int’l Art Contest online What Makes Art Art, run by the NeoPopRealism Press with Juror Nadia Russ. Here, you will also find out how these artists responded to a question ‘What make art art?' Welcome to the insider’s art world! The cover art pieces belong to the contest’s winners Stefan Eins, Natali Shvets, Vadim Kyrylyuk and Antoinette Ellis-Williams. This book written in English with Russian translation. The copies available in all major stores online, through libraries' distributors, Amazon (US and Internationally):


MY VISION OF THE FUTURE: Artworks of the Contemporary Artists 

Author: Nadia Russ (editor, contributor)

7.5" X 9.25", 62 pages

ISBN: 9781733867825 (color edition), 9781733867832 (black/white edition)  

This book includes the best artwork of the artists-participants of the Int'l art contest 'MY VISION OF THE FUTURE', dedicated to 30th-31st anniversary of NeoPopRealism art style, created by Nadia Russ in 1989. The book's front cover features artwork of the winners - Casey Lance Brown (1st place) and Robert Strasser (2nd place). This contest was for the artists of all styles, mediums, and political/religious views. The juror was Nadia Russ, she was the book author (editor) and a contributor as well. The artists-participants not only expressed themselves through their artwork, but also informed in writing how they see our future. Welcome to the unprecedented journey! (black/white edition)  & (color edition)


Russia Is In A State Of Ferment Again: 2019 (available in print, in Kindle, and in Google Books)

Author: Nadia Russ

6" x 9", Black/ White, 111 pages

NeoPopRealism PRESS

ISBN: 9781733867801

BISAC: Political Science/ Globalization/Colonization 

This book Is a quick but deep look on the Russian Federation's sociopolitical situation in 2019. It offers the real people's experiences, stories, and opinions. Putin's popularity gone and many disappointed people want to restore the USSR. This book explores the ways of thinking and doing things when nothing seems could help and there is no exit. It also included the historical facts related to Russia, its mysteries and findings through the years. You will learn from this book how the different people go through difficulties and success, and how they see reality and the future of Russia and of the whole world.


Trump 2020. Trump? Trump?: Thoughts of the Minority Migrant Artist

Author: Nadia Russ

6" x 9", Black/ White, 63 pages

NeoPopRealism PRESS

ISBN: 9781733867818

BISAC: Political Science/ USA

This book is about the "last hope of America" - Trump, who started the Warp Speed operation to vaccinate Americans and who started the senseless lockdowns. It is written by the minority migrant artist, who does not want to see failure of the greatest country on a planet. Socialism and communism are the great illusions, that cannot be reality because we live among the aggressive liars, swindlers, coxcombs (often called the "politicians" and "Presidents"), who just would not let the regular people benefit from socialism or communism. And it looks like Trump is in this group as well. Unfortunatelly. Capitalism gives the regular folks a chance to prospare, many freedoms and liberties, while socialism and communism give nothing. Author of this book does not believe that the liberal democrats are sincerely interested in prosperity of the migrants, immigrants and the minorities. All they want is to use them for their own benefits. This book was published before its author realized that Trump is the false prophet. Buy this book from Amazon


Milo Yiannopoulos & All This Mess

Authored by Neopoprealism Press/Nadia Russ

6" x 9", Black/ White, 72 pages

NeoPopRealism PRESS

ISBN: 9781544626604

BISAC: Political Science/ Globalization 

This book is obviously a book that the globalists do not want to see on their shelves. And not because it is about the current events and relationships between people with different political views, but because it analyzes not in their favor why and how free speech is important to human progress. Even this account agreed with globalists that globalization is a good thing, but it suggests that in the current state, the planet Earth with its population is not ready for it (yet).


 I Love New York 

Authored by Neopoprealism Press, Photographs by Nadia Russ

8" x 10", Full Color, 100 pages

NeoPopRealism PRESS

ISBN: 9780615947617

BISAC: Photography / Photojournalism

A book "I Love New York" offers collection of color photographs taken by Nadia Russ in Manhattan of New York City in 2012-2013. These images capture uniqueness of City's parks, streets, high-rise architecture, holiday's decor, and famous tourist destinations such as Empire State Building, Times Square, Union Square, Madison Square, more. The photographs carry a flavor of metropolitan city, the center of culture and finance.

NeoPopRealism Ink & Pen Pattern Drawing: 15 Most Popular ART LESSON PLANS Adaptable to ALL GRADES
Authors: NeoPopRealism Press, Nadia Russ
8" x 10", Black/White, 106 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS (2013)
ISBN: 9780615754659 

BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching
The popularity of the NeoPopRealism ink & pen pattern drawing lesson plans online is exceptional, they got 80,000 views per five months. This book offers to the school art teachers 15 most popular art lesson plans, it will help to teach students how to draw the NeoPopRealism ink & pen pattern images starting with the simple abstracts and ending with the more complicated artwork. The art lessons are adaptable to all grades. Students will learn how to draw fish, chicken, carnival's pony, leaf, flower, letters, create Halloween and Mardi Gras masks, Christmas and Thanksgiving greeting cards, mascot, chess board, faces, and selfportrait. 


Hollywood Broadwalk: Floridian Paradise

Author: NeoPopRealism Press, Nadia Russ (

8" x 10", Full Color, 70 pages 

NeoPopRealism PRESS 

ISBN: 9780615937663

BISAC: Photography / Photojournalism

A book "Hollywood Broadwalk: Floridian Paradise" features a stunning collection of 49 photographs taken by Nadia Russ in Hollywood, Florida in 2013. This unique Broadwalk is not like any other. And the photographs offered in this book cature the uniqness of this sub-tropic location with all its low-energy beauty and diversity of life.






Fort Lauderdale 100: A Must-Have Collector's Edition
Author/ photographs: Nadia Russ 
8" x 10", Full Color, 138 pages

NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2011

ISBN: 9780615470085 

BISAC: Art / American / General 
Fort Lauderdale 100: A Must-Have Collector's Edition" by internationally known NeoPopRealist artist Nadia RUSS, with foreword by Mayor of the City of Fort Lauderdale John P. "Jack" SEILER, is dedicated to the City of Fort Lauderdale. In 2011, Fort Lauderdale -- the Yachting Capital of the World and 'Venice of America' -- has celebrated its 100-year anniversary. The book's pages include one hundred color photographs by Nadia RUSS of the beautiful and breathtaking, unique and amazing, greatly unbelievable, amusing, glamorous, sunny, sandy, fascinating and unforgettable City of Fort Lauderdale. Also, this account contains information on the sights. Published in the United States in English with the partial translation in Russian.


Nadia Russ, Faces: 1989-1996, Moscow
Artwork by Nadia Russ
7.5"x9.5", Full Color, 40 pages

NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2011

ISBN: 978-0615530505  

BISAC: Art / Russian & Former Soviet Union 
A book "Nadia Russ, Faces: 1989-1996, Moscow" includes 59 artworks in color by Nadia Russ, created in 1989-1996, in Moscow (with a few works exclusion). This artworks collection first was published in 1996, in Moscow, Russia, and now re-published by NeoPopRealism PRESS in the United States. This book includes Nadia Russ (aka Nadejda Maloletneva) artworks on canvas and paper made by acrylic, oil, gousche, and ink. It is written in English with Russian translation. With this account, you will learn about the artist's creativity that reflects her personal and social life in 1989-1996, in Moscow, Russia.


Fort Lauderdale 100: REFLECTIONS: A Must-
Have Collector's Edition (2 vol.) 
Author/photographs: Nadia Russ   
8" x 10", Full Color, 138 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2011
ISBN: 9780615554464

BISAC: Art / American / General 
A book "Fort Lauderdale 100: REFLECTIONS: A Must-Have Collector's Edition" is the second volume of a series "Fort Lauderdale 100", dedicated to 100-year anniversary of the City of Fort Lauderdale. This volume includes 100 color photographs made by Nadia Russ in 2011. They feature the city's best: its mesmerizing scenery with reflections in ocean and canals, after the rain, in the morning and when sun is going down, at night. The semi-tropical beauty of Fort Lauderdale fascinates author/photographer and she was trying to show her fascination to everyone who love the nature and its best. Written in English with partial translation in Russian.


NeoPopRealism Starz: 21st Century ART: Erotica As
A High Artistic Aspiration 
Author: Nadia Russ, includes artworks by many Int'l artists

8" x 10", Full Color, 68 pages, 

NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2012

ISBN: 9780615621555
BISAC: Art / General
A book "NeoPopRealism Starz: 21st Century Art: Erotica As A High Artistic Aspiration" by Nadia Russ in its Foreword explores the history of erotica in visual arts in Medieval Culture, Middle Ages and Renaissance. It talks about erotica and religion, more. This book includes erotic artworks of emerging and established contemporary artists from all over the globe - the drawings, paintings and sculpture. It offers the  text - the artists'  thoughts related to their erotic artworks. You fill find in this account the Nadia Russ' article "NeoPopRealism Evolution" and images of her work, executed in acrylic, ink pen, mixed media, more.

Fort Lauderdale 100: Yachting Capital: A Must-Have Collector's Edition (3 vol.)
Author/photographs: Nadia Russ    
8" x 10", 
Full Color, 
100 pages

NeoPopRealism Press/ 2011 

ISBN: 9780615562223

BISAC: Art / American / General 

A book "Fort Lauderdale 100: Yachting Capital: A Must-Have Collector'a Edition" by Nadia Russ is third and last volume of a series of photography books "Fort Lauderdale 100" dedicated to 100-year anniversary of Fort Lauderdale. This account includes 100 color photographs made by Nadia Russ during Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show which took place in October 2011. As a yachting capital of the world, this city is famous by the largest international annual yachts' shows, which bring together the most sophisticated yachts' builders, inventive designers, and yachts' owners together. This book also includes Foreword by the Mayor of the city, Nadia Russ' Introduction and more. It is intended for art lovers, those who love to travel and see new things, and fans of yachting.


MH Heintz: Black & White
Authored by NeoPopRealism Press

8" x 10", Black/White, 106 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS
ISBN: 9780615652740
BISAC: Art / American / General
A book "MH HEINTZ: Black & White" by NeoPopRealism PRESS invites you to explore the world of artist MH HEINTZ. It presents a collection of the drawings that communicates at a powerful emotional level. Often, Michael H. HEINTZ’s thought-provoking work (traditional art) does not conceal darker strains of humor, interpreting the gross and depressing things in life. This book offers the drawings created in 2005-2012. Some of the artist’s work promotes the animal rights awareness; other explores the world of politics and the modern society in general. In the artist MH Heintz drawings, you will recognize such people and personalities as Kissinger and George W. Bush, Nancy Reagan, Dalai Lama and Pop Benedict XVI, George Carlin and Samuel L. Jackson, Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump, others. The topics covered in his pieces are serious; the artist illuminates truth and challenges the viewer to feel and connect to a common humanity. 

DECA-DaNCE: & how swindlers, coxcombs, & sexists failed America and how to break through & be happy
Author: Nadia Russ

6" x 9", Black/White, 226 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS
ISBN: 9780615655680 

BISAC: Social Science / General/ Nonfiction
This 226 pages nonfiction tells a story about the world we live in now. It explains why decadence in our society has happen and how it is related  to our values. Transparency is a powerful tool against those who are putting profit and personal interests before integrity. This book explores many aspects of life, including the curruption. It offers solutions to problems and teaches how to improve our society and life and be happy. This account explores through the prism of relationships between people the variety of subjects such as communism regime and capitalism, crime and sexism, elections 2012 and the government, much more. It is illustrated with photographs and photocopies. 


New York City: After Sandy & Before the End of the World
Author: NeoPopRealism Press, Photographs by Nadia Russ
8" x 10", Black/White, 112 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS
ISBN: 9780615734637 

BISAC: Photography / Individual Photographer
A book "New York City: After Sandy & Before the End of the World" offers a stunning collection of 110 photographs of the New York City's Manhattan, made a few days after hurricane Sandy and ... before the end of the world. The photographs include the tallest NYC's buildings, the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, the fashionable Downton and stylish Midtown, cathedrals and churches, Harlem and Empire StateBuilding, Subway and squares, much more. It includes text describing images. 



How to Draw NeoPopRealism Ink Images: Basics
Author: Nadia Russ
7.5" x 9.25", Black/White, 88 pages
Publisher: NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2011
ISBN: 9780615515755
BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching
A book "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Ink Images: Basics", illustrated by Nadia Russ, teaches how to execute whimsical drawings, using a line and the patterns. It offers an illustrative way of learning/ teaching technique of ink/pen drawing without eraser and to start you need only a pen because you will use for your training the special pages of this book. NeoPopRealism and its concept were created by Nadia Russ in 1989 and manifested in 2003. Everyone, including those who do not have artistic skills or those who already have experience in visual arts, will find something important for themselves to start their unique journey to the world of NeoPopRealism. Impossible is nothing and soon you will achieve interesting artistic results, gaining new experience and skills. Follow the visual instructions and tips to improve your level, open your mind to possibillity. This book will help you to unlock your imagination.


How to Draw NeoPopRealism Ink Images: Basics, Russian Edition, Author: Nadia Russ
Как Выполнять НеоПопРеалистический Рисунок Тушью: Основы, Автор: Надя Русс
7.5" x 9.25" (19.05 x 23.495 cm), Black/White, 88 страниц
NeoPopRealism PRESS
ISBN: 978-0615516967
BISAC: Искусство / Исследование и Обучение
Книга "Как Выполнять НеоПопРеалистический Рисунок Тушью" приглашает в путешествие, способное изменить жизнь и помочь обрести страстное увлечение. Страницы  этой книги покажут вам, как создавать упрощенный и средней трудности  НеоПопРеалистические рисунки тушью. Эта  книга приглашает рисовать здесь и сейчас, и все, что вам для этого нужно, это ручка, заряженная черной тушью. Книга приглашает импровизировать без резинки, потому что если «ошибка» сделана, следующие повторяющиеся образцы уравновесят композию. Консепт НеоПопРеалистического рисунка тушью был создан Надей Русс в 1989.  4 января 2003, она создала слово НеоПопРеализм и объявила о создании нового стиля изобразительного искусства. Этот тип рисунка может использоваться для снятия стресса и для медитации. Эта книга интересная и в то же самое время образовательная.
How to Draw NeoPopRealism Abstract Images: Ink Backgrounds 
Author: Nadia Russ
7.5" x 9.25", Black/White, 86 pages 
NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2011 

ISBN: 9780615527437  

BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching
A book "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Abstract Images: Ink Backgrounds" teaches how to draw whimsical backgrounds for NeoPopRealism ink drawings. Impossible is nothing. This drawing will help you develop your artistic skills and imagination; step-by-step you will learn how to create the balanced and interesting compositions. No matter what your artistic skills are, this book will teach you how to create complicated looking images with simple details. And you need for it only ink pen, as you will draw your images on pages of this book. When you draw repetitive patterns, you enter meditative state of mind. Meditation is a positive brain-changing activity that increases your brain functions. There’s strong connection between meditation, healthier immune system and happiness. With this drawing method you can achieve not only the interesting artistic results, but also the purity of your mind.
How to Draw NeoPopRealism Advanced Abstract Images: Ink Backgrounds
Authored by Nadia Russ
7.5" x 9.25", Black/White, 
98 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2012
ISBN: 9780615592558 

BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching
A book "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Advanced Abstract Images: Ink Backgrounds" by Nadia Russ teaches step-by-step how to create whimsical NeoPopRealism abstracts. You will learn how to execute images with easy-to-understand visual instructions. This book is divided into to chapters, offering additionally to tutorials also information on NeoPopRelism and its history. This drawing is meditative; meditation is the highest state in which our mind exist, it is a positive brain-changing activity that increases your brain functions. There’s strong connection between meditation, healthier immune system and happiness.This art style was created by Nadia Russ in 1989 and announced internationally in 2003 when she created a word NeoPopRealism.


How to Draw NeoPopRealism Abstract Images: Metallic Exuberance
Author: Nadia Russ

7.5" x 9.25", 86 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2011
ISBN: 978-0615560991 
BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching

A book "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Abstract Images: Metallic Exuberance" by Nadia Russ teaches step by step how to create whimsical NeoPopRealism drawings/backgrounds, using metallic ink pen on black paper. Beautifully illustrated, with visual guidance, this book shows you how to draw images from the start to end. And to start you need just metallic silver or gold ink pen, because you will draw your artwork on special pages of this book. These images consist of the line and repetitive patterns that bring you in meditative state of mind, the higher state in which our mind can exist. And at the end of your drawing process, you will achieve both the interesting artistic results and purity of your mind.


Black Book for NeoPopRealism Metallic INK pen Drawing
Authors: NeoPopRealism Press, Nadia Russ

8.5" x 11", Black/White, 108 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2011
ISBN: 9780615561020 
BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching 

This book intended for drawing the NeoPopRealism ink images using light metallic ink pen. It offers colored in black pages and a few patterns. Everyone who like to draw exuberant images of small and medium size can use this book for practicing drawing. You can use it as an addition to a book "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Images: Metallic Exuberance", ISBN: 9780615560991, and other NeoPopRealism teaching/ learning books. It includes an introduction to NeoPopRealism art style, its history, at least 70 black pages for metallic ink pen drawing, a few gray and white pages. All you need to start is just a metallic silver or gold pen. 

How to Draw Advanced NeoPopRealism Ink Images
Author: Nadia Russ
7.5" x 9.25", B;ack/White, 
100 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2011
ISBN: 9780615569758 

BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching
A book "How to Draw Advanced NeoPopRealism Ink Images" by Nadia Russ teaches how to create advanced drawings using line and repetitive patterns. Step-by-step, with visual instructions, you will learn to draw realistic and intuitive/ imaginative images. All you need is just an ink pen because you will start your drawing on the special pages of this book. Drawing repetitive patterns is meditative process; meditation is the highest state in which our mind can exist and executing these drawings you will achieve both the interesting artistic results and purity of your mind. This account illustrated with patterns and images of original NeoPopRealism art works by its creator Nadia Russ. NeoPopRealism drawing style was created and coined by Nadia Russ in 1989; then she began exhibiting her works of art publicly. She created a term NeoPopRealism June 4, 2003.

How to Draw NeoPopRealism Color Abstract Images: Ink Background
Author: Nadia Russ
7.5" x 9.25"
Full Color, 70 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS/ 2011
ISBN: 9780615579559 (7.5" x 9.25")

ISBN: 9780615581804 (8"x10") 

BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching
A book "How to Draw NeoPopRealism Color Abstract Images: Ink Backgrounds" by Nadia Russ teaches how to execute abstract drawings. It offers easy-to-follow guidance how to draw NeoPopRealism abstract backgrounds with multi-color ink pens, using line and repetitive patterns. The drawing of repetitive patterns is meditative process, practice daily and you will discover new you. Step-by-step, you will learn how to create the complicated-looking compositions with easy-to-draw details. This account includes visual guidance, detailed explanation, special pages for your drawing experiences, and more. This book will prepare you for the next level. NeoPopRealism drawing style was created and coined by Nadia Russ in 1989 when she began exhibiting her artwork in art galleries. She created a term NeoPopRealism January 4, 2003.

 NeoPopRealism PRESS' BOOKS for Artisans & Children 

How to Draw Without Eraser: Children's Guide to the World of
Illustrations by Nadia Russ 
7.5" x 9.25", Black/White, 56 pages 

NeoPopRealism PRESS 

ISBN: 9780615521824 

BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching  
A book "How to Draw Without Eraser: Children's Guide to the World of NeoPopRealism"  teaches step-by-step how to draw images with ink pen. This drawng is fun and rewarding. Hostess girl Neo will guide your child through the book's pages. Learning to draw NeoPopRealism ink images will help develop intuition and artistic senses. To start, your child need only ink pen, as he/she will draw on this book's pages, following the offered patterns - "NeoWhimsies". It is like a game, just follow easy instructions and enjoy excitement! All illustrations made by internationally known artist Nadia Russ. 

How to Draw Without Eraser: Children's Guide to the World of NeoPopRealism, Russian version 
УЧИТЕСЬ  РИСОВАТЬ  БЕЗ  РЕЗИНКИ:  гид  для  детей  в  мир  НеоПопРеализма
Иллюстрации  НАДИ РУСС
7.5" x 9.25" (19.05 x 23.495 cm), 56 страниц
NeoPopRealism PRESS 
ISBN: 9780615523484 
BISAC: Искусство / Исследование и Обучение
Книга "Как Pисовать Без Резинки: гид  для  детей  в  мир НеоПопРеализма" (иллюстрации  НАДИ РУСС) на русском языке учит как рисовать чернильной ручкой.  Девочка Нео будет вести вашего ребенка через страницы книги. Этот художественный стиль поможет развить интуицию и художественные ощущения. НеоПопРеалистический рисунок походит на игру. Чтобы начинать, вашему ребенку нужна только ручка, поскольку для  рисования он будет использовать  страницы этой книги.


How to Draw the NeoPopRealism Abstract: Children's Guide
Author: Nadia RUSS

7.5" x 9.25", 82 pages, Black/White,
NeoPopRealism PRESS
ISBN: 9780615545332

BIAC: Art/ Study & Teaching

A book "How to Draw the NeoPopRealism Abstract: Children's Guide"  teaches how to draw the NeoPopRealism abstract images using ink pen. Starting with the basics, it also teaches how to draw more complicated images and also can be used by adults who would like to learn NeoPopRealism basics. Follow all tips, tricks and visual instructions and you will be able to execute the beautiful and balanced abstract compositions here and now! This book is for those who have no skills and those who have experience in visual arts but would like to learn how to draw NeoPopRealism. In its bonus section, this book offers easy-to-follow visual guidance to the advanced drawing, and all you need to start drawing is the ink pen. When you draw NeoPopRealism abstract you enter meditative state of mind, the higher state in which our mind can exist and you will be able to achieve the both the interesting artistic results and purity of your mind. This ink pen drawing style was created in 1989 by Nadia Russ and announced internationally in January 2003, when she created a word NeoPopRealism. Click HERE to start your free preview  in Google Books (Google Books' version doesn' tinclude the Bonus section.) 


NeoWhimsies: NeoPopRealism Ink Drawing Basics for Mannequins
Authored by NeoPopRealism Press, Illustrated by Nadia Russ
7.5" x 9.25", Black/White, 90 pages
NeoPopRealism PRESS
ISBN: 9780615651859

BISAC: Art / Study & Teaching
A book "NeoWhimsies: NeoPopRealism Ink Drawing Basics for Mannequins" by NeoPopRealism Press with illustrations by Nadia Russ will help you develop your artistic skills and unlock your imagination. You will learn how to create fanciful NeoWhimsies - simplified NeoPopRealism ink drawings. The visual instructions step-by-step will teach you how to draw the balanced compositions. This book is intended for those who would like to learn how to execute the line/pattern ink drawings. It offers several projects and is divided into chapters and includes special pages for your training. NeoPopRealism art style created by Nadia Russ in 1989 and manifested internationally in 2003, when she created a term 'NeoPopRealism'. 




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Nadia Russ, The Play, acrylic/canvas,
1997, Bahamas (stolen), NeoPopRealism
Nadia Russ, Salmon Inscrutable, acrylic/canvas,
2004 (NYC)NeoPopRealism.
"Salmon Inscrutable" is now 
available for sale straight from Artist: 
Nadia Russ, In A Gold Mist, Mixed media, 60X80cm,
1991 (Moscow), NeoPopRealism

Nadia Russ, Face 5, 5.5" X 8.5", Ink/paper, 2014. NeoPopRealism

Nadia Russ, Face 6, 5.5" X 8.5", ink/paper, 2014. NeoPopRealism

Nadia Russ, Faces 3, ink/paper, 7" X8.5", 2014. NeoPopRealism

PO BOX 366
New York, NY 10013 
The NeoPopRealist 10 Canons for Happier Life were created by Nadia Russ in 2004: 

1. Be beautiful;  

2. Be creative and productive; never stop studying and learning;  

3. Be peace-loving, positive-minded; 

4. Do not accept communist philosophy;  

5. Be free-minded, do the best you can to move the world to peace and harmony;  

6. Be family oriented, self-disciplined;  

7. Be free spirited. Follow your dreams, if they are not destructive, but constructive;  

8. Believe in god. God is one, it is harmony and striving for perfection;  

9. Be supportive to those who need you, be generous;  
10. Create your life as a great adventurous story.  .



  RESULTS of the int'l art contest online MY VISION OF THE FUTURE, dedicated to 30th-31st anniversary of NeoPopRealism, created by artist Nadia Russ - 

This contest was for all styles, mediums & political views artists. A book "My Vision of the Future" will be published within a few months. It will include more artworks of participants of this contest.

And The Winners Are: 

 1st Place Winner


 2nd Place Winner


 3rd Place Winner


Casey Lance Brown (USA)


The name "Fossil Fuels I" was updated to "The Carbon Cycle I" , 90cm x 100cm 

Digital Composite Photograph on Dye-Infused Aluminum Print 


Robert Strasser (USA) 

"Biosphere 1", diameter 2.5"

Porcelain, 2020


Grigory Gurevich (USA)




"Still Life with the Clown", 30"X23"


pencil on one ply acid free paper board, 2020



Results of the NeoPopRealist Int'l Contest, dedicated to 25th anniversary of NeoPopRealism
1st Place

2nd Place
Stefania M. EUSEBIETTI, Turin, Italy
Stefania Eusebietti, artist
"Message in a bottle", Indian ink and watercolor on rough paper, NeoPopRealism
WINNERS in Elementary/Middle/High Schools Students Category
1st Place
Lia Sforza, 17. JF Kennedy High, Waterbury, CT, USA. 
Art Teacher Gina
Lia  Sforza - neopoprealism - JF Kennedy High School"Untitled", Ink/Paper, NeoPopRealism
2nd Place (shared)
Elizabeth Galan, 16, Health & Human Services  Lawrence Public High School,  Lawrence, MA. Art Teacher Donna Disario
Donna Disario High School Student winning neopoprealist art workNeoPopRealism
2nd Place (shared)
Twiggs Academy, Jeffersonville, GA, USA. Art Teacher Sylvia Slaughter
Love Lost Twidds Academy, neopoprealist drawing, Jeffersonville, Georgia, US"Love Lost", Ink/Paper, NeoPopRealism


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